Zebbz sells products with a mission, namely to create more awareness about and contribute to more research into the very rare BBSOAS syndrome. Only about 200 children with BBSOAS (Bosch-Boonstra-Schaaf Opticus Atrophy Syndrome) are known worldwide. BSSOAS is caused by an abnormality in either copy of the NR2F1 gene. The predominant syndrome has very diverse symptoms: epilepsy, visual impairment, autism, ADD, hearing impairment, spasm, intellectual disability, motor deprivation, etc. This does not always make life easy, but I am very proud of the open, cheerful boy who is Zeb.

But to provide children with this syndrome with the care they need, a lot of research is still needed. And that of course costs a lot of money.

What does Zebbz do?

* Raising awareness of the rare BBSOAS syndrome. By growing the pin in the haystack, hopefully more children will be diagnosed in time. This means less time is lost and much-needed therapies can be started more quickly. The more publicity the better we can help our children.

* Collect money for the Nr2F1 foundation for more research (for every product sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation).

* Put the children in the spotlight; every color or print of a Zebbz product gets its own name, named after a child with BBSOAS, Zeb's buddies. In this way, we want to let our children all over the world know that they, too, as they are, may be themselves. Because of a product with their name, they are all in the limelight.

* Provide hair bands and pillows with a mission; With beautiful hair bands and pillow of good quality velvet and jacquard fabrics we brighten people and the interior.


This greater meaning behind the Zebbz label makes these products so valuable and is therefore our enormous driving force!


So look around! Hopefully there will be a Zebbz for you and together we can make the world a bit more beautiful ...


Love Zeb & Mandy

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